The World Is Ready To Be Inspired by Your Music

Finally! An “Ableton Wizard School” that gives you the practical tools and techniques to unleash the sounds you hear in your head without the struggle, frustration, and uncertainty so you can step into your full potential and become the influential artist you were meant to be.

The Seed to Stage Academy offers a unique and novel approach to learning Ableton Live utilizing a fun and engaging program. For 3 days, Students can expect to get extremely valuable information and acquire potent skills during the 2 daily beginner or advanced classes as well as personal time with the teachers during the nightly work sessions, all within the gorgeous and inspirational environment of Om Sanctuary! aka this IS an Ableton Wizard School!

As if that was not enough, students then have the option to perform a mini set  featuring the musical set they created at STS Academy at the state of the art music venue Ellington Underground in Downtown Asheville to a built in crowd from Papadosio’s 2 night run at the Orange Peel! Photo’s and mini video of the performance will be taken for the student to use to build their artist social pages.


Hi, My Name is David Krantz. I produce music as Futexture and I want to tell you a story that happened to me about 10 years ago….

As I take my left hand off the fretboard of my blonde semi-hollow telecaster, muting the strings over the humbucker with my right, I catch Dr. Galloway’s eye for a split second as she immediately averts her gaze from mine. My stomach turns into a rock and hits the floor with a dull thud. My chest burns red hot with embarrassment before any of the professors sitting at the judges table can even utter a word. I know what failure feels like. I’ve seen that “I wish I didn’t have to tell you this” look before.

Feeling the corners of my mouth sag involuntarily, I unstrap the guitar and put it in my case as fast as I can, fumbling noisily with the clasps as I hold back the tears.

“Why don’t you take the Guitar 101 course again and re-audition in the spring?”

Those words came like a kick to the gut, reaffirming everything the voice in the back of my head had already told me 1000 times.

“You suck” “Your music’s not good enough” “You’re wasting your time” “What the hell is wrong with you?” “You’ll never play like Trey anyway”

See, I walked into the audition certain that these musical experts would be able to spot my talent, even if I hadn’t practiced and polished my piece (Take Five by Dave Brubeck) as much as I could have. I left questioning if I would ever make music again.

Maybe my parents were right. Maybe I should go study something more practical. Maybe I was delusional to think I had talent. Maybe my high school “friends” were right. Maybe my idea of inspiring others the way I had been inspired was a pipe dream. Maybe I would be better off just recording other people’s music and not trying to make my own. Maybe I should just drop out and work on an alpaca farm in Chile. Maybe I should get a job at Chile’s.


You know, I had always heard the music I wanted to play in my head, but there was a block between my imagination and bringing it to life. After getting the official confirmation that my playing sucked, I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I didn’t even want to try anymore.

I was at a low point. I was in college so I could “go out into the world and leave my mark” and now I was uncertain if there was even a mark worth leaving. I was at rock bottom.


And then, maybe because he felt bad for me, or maybe because he somehow knew it would change the course of my life, my roommate let me install a copy of Ableton on my computer.

“Hmm beat repeat, I wonder what that does” I remember thinking as I dropped the effect on a new track. What is this sonic magic?! It… repeats… the beat!! It blew my mind. I felt like a god.

All of a sudden, I had so much more control over sound than I did with a guitar! I could write whole songs without having to remember each chord and finger position. I experienced my first all night writing session, sunlight slipping through windows of my white cinderblock walled dorm room to bring me out of the music production induced trance.

I could express myself on my own terms. I didn’t need a professor to tell me what I was doing was worthwhile. I could feel it. I could sense I was on to something. I knew because it wasn’t like anything I had ever heard before.


More Rejection


I made a mixtape of my tracks and gave it to one of my favorite artists when he played in town thinking “hey maybe I’ll get signed to his label.” And, as I handed off the black sharpie labeled CD I was hopeful. But, alas, my aspirations were premature. I never heard a word back. I had more work to do. I needed help with the next steps to a great mix.

Then, I signed up for an Ableton workshop and drove down to Atlanta. Steve Nalepa and Richard Devine taught the course, and it was like nothing I had ever experienced in school. These were real tips and tricks from real artists that were REALLY making a career out of music. These weren’t washed up professors telling kids if they weren’t good enough. These were professionals who once had been in the same position I was.

They understood what it was like to have passion and determination, but not the whole set of technical skills needed to take my music to the next level.

It was only a 3 hour course. But, it gave me new tools, pointed me in the right direction.

I left determined to bring my unique vision into the world.

But, I still needed to audition to be accepted into the music technology program. And, frankly, I was screwed. I hadn’t practiced guitar in months.

Then, I had an idea. What if I submitted a CD of my tracks and wrote my professors a letter telling them I was putting the same effort into learning Ableton that anyone would on a traditional instrument? What if I could convince them I really was serious about pursuing the craft of electronic music? It was a long shot, but it was my only hope at that point.

So, I did.

I checked my inbox over and over again obsessively. I felt the embarrassing heat of of rejection grow in my stomach as I waited for the reply. The suspense was horrible.

So, when when I clicked open the email telling me I had passed the “audition”, I burst out laughing. The wave of relief that coursed through my veins was the antidote to the poison of self doubt that lingered from my failed audition the year before.




Fast forward to 4 albums, 5 mixtapes, 100’s of shows/festivals, and numerous instances of meeting and playing with my musical heroes later, I’m here to tell you that the growing pains of becoming the artist you were meant to be are 100% worth it (and you’re not alone).

But, the even better news is that the Seed to Stage academy is here to help accelerate the process of becoming the artist you were meant to be without the frustration and uncertainty that I experienced early on.

See, I’m not sure I would have been able to push through if I hadn’t received the expert instruction and mentorship I did from that short 3 hour Ableton workshop. It was only 3 hours, but it really did change the course of my artistic life.


Seed To Stage

Now, through the Seed To Stage academy, Anthony and myself are giving you the opportunity to absorb a unique distillation of technical Ableton skills, gain insider industry knowledge, and master the elusive mindset for consistent finished tracks and self motivation.

The Seed To Stage academy is an “Ableton Wizard School” that will enable you to take the music out of your head and onto the stage.

But, this isn’t just a dry course on mixing skills. This is a full holistic examination of the journey to produce, perform, and inspire others.

See, we grew up watching our favorite musicians (the same you watch yours) and wondering if we had the audacity to inspire other people in the same way. And, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really think that would ever be the case, and it kind of blows my mind sometimes to think about the things I’ve done.

But, I’m here to tell you, all the way from failing my college guitar audition to playing with Bassnectar and Tipper on massive sound systems to teaching synthesis workshops for Moog Music, you can do it too. But, here’s the deal. You get to do it on your own terms, in your unique style, with your personal sound.

I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t 100% believe it.

Oh, and here’s something pretty interesting. Pretty much all of your favorite artists have had stories similar to mine. (I know because I’ve talked to them about it.) They got up and tried again even when the establishment told them no. Everyone goes through periods of doubt. We’re here to give you the tools so you can fully step into your potential with the confidence that you deserve.

Seed to Stage academy is your opportunity to nerd out with us for 3 whole days at an absolutely beautiful retreat center and connect more deeply with your friends, colleagues, and community. With 2 course tracks available for beginning or more advanced Ableton artists, your experience will be customized to match your skill level.


Designed for users who are within their first couple years of use with Ableton Live. Intended to be a super-charged crash course to rapidly expand knowledge of the software and familiarity with many core concepts. This path is intended to be a launchpad for new musicians trying to get their careers off to a running start.


For seasoned Ableton users who wish to rapidly and efficiently deepen their knowledge base of this revolutionary DAW providing enhanced workflows for music composition and production, sound design and synthesis, mixing and even mastering. Advanced live performance setups using various midi controllers and specialized methodology is also offered.

You will learn:

Basic Ableton Workflow
Recording Audio
Midi Controllers
Remixing Tactics
Virtual Instruments
Session & Arrangement View
Live Performance Methods

You will learn:

Advanced Sound Design
Synthesis Techniques
Dynamics and Parallel Processing
Advanced Midi Control
Songwriting / Composition Methods
Advanced Mixing Concepts
Sound Treatment / Home Studio Design
Advanced Live Performance Methods

9am-10am – Breakfast

10am-12pm – First Daily Class (Separate Beginner and Advanced Courses)

12pm – 2pm – Lunch and Free / Work Time

2pm – 4pm – Second Daily Class (Separate Beginner and Advanced Courses)

4pm – 7pm – Free time / Dinner in Asheville

7pm – 10pm – Collective Group Work Time with Personal Tutoring (all together working in the same room with headphones while teachers float around for personal assistance)  

You’ll learn what they should be teaching you in school from artists that have been there and understand where you need to go next.

As a powerful intuitive creator, you have the choice to follow your instinct or back down from the challenge. There are so many things in society telling you to give up your power (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that) and our intention for this course is to provide the exact opposite of that disempowering message.

You already have the desire, passion and talent to bring your unique voice to a hurting world. We’ve created the container to nurture and foster your next stage of artistic growth.

Whether you want to improve your song writing, up-level your mixing skills, sharpen your workflow, expand your pallette of live performance possibilities, or are just starting with Ableton for the first time, Seed to Stage Academy is the perfect place to grow your artistic vision from, well, seed to stage.

Personally, I wish a course this comprehensive was available to me when I was first learning Ableton 10 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy. Plain and simple, that’s why Anthony and I are doing this: You deserve a better educational experience than what we had when we were first starting out.

But, don’t take it from me. See what our actual private students have said:


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Meet the Instructors


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Freakin’ Wizard School


There’s no better feeling than the tingling excitement of sharing your music with people who truly vibe with it and appreciate it. In April, we’ll be distilling that feeling down into 3 days of Ableton Wizard School.

We guarantee that no matter where you’re at, you’ll leave way closer to where you want to be as a producer. You’ll get to hang with new homies, receive expert guidance, and hone your skills so you can share the unique sounds in your head with the world.

Making these skills and experiences accessible to you is the Seed to Stage Academy mission.

You’re at a crossroads right now. Can you feel it? You can continue to try to put the pieces together yourself or let us help accelerate you through the process. Perhaps it feels like spending the money is a big risk? But, what’s more risky? Letting your dream of sharing your music with the world slowly whither and fade or spending the money to have an amazing experience and learn how to make it happen?

So, go ahead, click the button and sign up for the Seed to Stage academy.

In 5 years, when you’re looking out over huge crowds on stages with your favorite artists, you just might look back on this moment as one the best decisions you ever made. You’ll probably be laughing about how little the course fee was compared to how much you make at gigs now. Hell, you might even want to start a course of your own so you can give back to the community that supports you too.

I can only imagine what 3 full days of mentorship would have been like for me, rather than the 3 hours I got from the workshop I did. And you’ll have the opportunity to put together a set to play at a state of the art venue in downtown Asheville at the end of the course.

If you can begin to imagine yourself making the music you want to make, playing the stages you want to play, and inspiring your friends to bring their art into the world than this course is for you. Go ahead and sign up for Seed to Stage academy. We’ll see you there 🙂

PS — As a rabid music lover myself, I can’t wait to hear new music that blows my mind. I’m personally pretty excited to see all the amazing music that grows out of Seed to Stage Academy. I have a pretty strong feeling that both Anthony and myself will be playing shows in the future with alumni of Seed to Stage. And, that alumni could easily be you. So, let’s go! Can’t wait to hear what you create.