What do I need to bring?

You must have a laptop with Ableton Live installed and a pair of headphones. Triple check that you have your computer charger and headphones before you leave your house! You may also bring (and we encourage) midi controllers, audio interfaces, guitars, keyboards, flutes, kazoos, bagpipes, or any other instruments you need to interface with Ableton Live!

What are some optional items that will make my experience even better?

  • A Usb Midi Controller¬†so you can learn Ableton mapping and live performance techniques.
  • An Audio Interface will yield better sound quality that your computer’s audio output, it will also allow you to record instruments and sources with a microphone.
  • A Headphone Splitter will allow you to play your music for others so you can get feedback and pointers on your composition and mix.
  • A little Stereo Bluetooth Speaker will allow you to check your mix while being away from your studio.

Will I get one on one time with the Instructors?

Yes! Each evening, there is a collective work time where the instructors walk around and answer your questions and give you personalized tips according to what you’re trying to accomplish. No question is a bad one, every questions is valid.

Lodging? Where can I stay?

Ambrose West is conveniently located in the heart of West Asheville. While Ambrose doesnt offer on site lodging, this year we encourage students to look the many available Air B&B options in West Asheville within walking distance of the school. We also encourage students to room together and save $$$! Check to see who else is staying in town by discussing lodging on our facebook event page.

What is the cost of the Academy? What is included?

$500 covers your Academy tuition, classes, collective work time, breakfast, pretty much everything that comes with the school. You will need to secure your own lodging, and you can check the facebook event page to see who else is staying where and team up.

Yes this is an investment, however this could be the turning point in your career. There are “Production schools” and colleges that charge 100x this and offer nothing close to the level of education, personal engagement, and leadership we can offer you in only 4 days!

Where is Ambrose West Located?

Ambrose West is right in the heart of West Asheville, next to great food and drink options, and only a hop and a jump from the ever awesome RAD (River Arts District) where you can find artisan crafts and visual art of all kinds.


312 Haywood Rd

Asheville, NC 28806

(828) 332-3090


I see that food is free for breakfast, and I have a dietary restriction...

Please head over to the contact page and shoot us an email. We will make sure you’re fed well!