Learn to Compose and Perform with Ableton Live!


The 2019 Seed to Stage Academy:

APRIL 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th

The Seed to Stage Academy offers a unique and novel approach to learning Ableton Live utilizing a fun and engaging program. For 3 days, Students can expect to get extremely valuable information from the teachers Anthony Thogmartin (Papadosio/EarthCry) and Sam Brouse (Papadosio/Brether). They will acquire potent skills during the daily beginner and advanced classes as well as get valuable personal time with the teachers during the nightly “shred” sessions, all within the gorgeous and inspirational music venue Ambrose West. This IS an Ableton Wizard School!

As if that was not enough, students then have the option to perform a mini set featuring the music they created at STS Academy @ the Asheville Music Hall in Downtown Asheville to a built in crowd from the EarthCry show that evening! Photo’s and mini video of the performance will be taken for the student to use to build their artist social pages. Sign Up Now ->

Customize Your Learning Experience!

Each student has strengths and “growth edges” or topics they can improve upon. That is why at the Academy, there is a Basic or Beginner or an Advanced course that they can choose to take each time there is a class. This allows students to get the most out of their time by tailoring a learning experience that is perfect for them! Review what is offered this year to get an idea of how much there is to gain as an artist from attending the Academy!


Designed for users who are within their first couple years of use with Ableton Live. Intended to be a super-charged crash course to rapidly expand knowledge of the software and familiarity with many core concepts. This path is intended to be a launchpad for new musicians trying to get their careers off to a running start.

You will learn:

Basic Ableton Workflow
Recording Audio
Midi Controllers
Remixing Tactics
Virtual Instruments
Session & Arrangement View
Live Performance Methods


For seasoned Ableton users who wish to rapidly and efficiently deepen their knowledge base of this revolutionary DAW providing enhanced workflows for music composition and production, sound design and synthesis, mixing and even mastering. Advanced live performance setups using various midi controllers and specialized methodology is also offered.

You will learn:

Advanced Sound Design
Synthesis Techniques
Dynamics and Parallel Processing
Advanced Midi Control
Songwriting / Composition Methods
Advanced Mixing Concepts
Sound Treatment / Home Studio Design
Advanced Live Performance Methods

The Venue: Ambrose West

This year we are happy to announce that we are upgrading the site for the Seed to Stage Academy to Ambrose West: Asheville’s premiere new music venue! Students will benefit from even better sound and surroundings in the heart of West Asheville. The classy and new Ambrose West offers a full PA system, lounge, patio, multiple breakout rooms, and is a short walk across the street to delicious restaurants and brewerys that Asheville is known for! 

Elevate and Ignite Your Career

Now, through the Seed To Stage academy, we are giving you the opportunity to absorb a unique distillation of technical Ableton skills, gain insider industry knowledge, and master the elusive mindset for consistent finished tracks and self motivation.

The Seed To Stage academy is an “Ableton Wizard School” that will enable you to take the music out of your head and onto the stage. But, this isn’t just a dry course on mixing skills. This is a full holistic examination of the journey to produce, perform, and inspire others.

Seed to Stage academy is your opportunity to learn with us for 4 whole days at a state of the art music venue and connect more deeply with your friends, colleagues, and community. With 2 course tracks available for beginning or more advanced Ableton artists, your experience will be customized to match your skill level. Sign up below!

Daily Academy Schedule

9am-10am – Breakfast

10am-12pm – First Daily Class (Separate Beginner and Advanced Courses)

12pm – 2pm – Lunch and Free / Work Time

2pm – 4pm – Second Daily Class (Separate Beginner and Advanced Courses)

4pm – 7pm – Free time / Dinner in Asheville

7pm – 10pm – Collective Group Work Time with Personal Tutoring (all together working in the same room with headphones while teachers float around for personal assistance)  

[Stay tuned for the fully detailed lesson schedule!]

Meet the Instructors


Anthony Thogmartin

Anthony has been creating music with Ableton Live for over a decade with his band Papadosio and his solo project EarthCry. Solving the issues related to using the software onstage as well as in the studio has presented him with many solutions that he has been teaching though his Seed to Stage Youtube Channel. In the short time that the channel has been around, the feedback has been incredible! The need for specialized training and one on one time has driven him to create this Academy so he can pass on the knowledge he has acquired. Education has become a true passion of his and he hopes to continue down this path as far as it will lead.


Sam Brouse

Sam Brouse has been composing music in Ableton since 2008. His passion for music sprouted at an early age when he taught himself to play the guitar and piano.  He studied music theory and electronic music composition in Ableton at Skidmore college for three years before leaving to pursue a career with the touring rock band Papadosio. Using Ableton as his canvas, Sam combines his unique blend of imagination and theory to paint musical pictures and explore sonic landscapes.